1. Koroška Parada Ponosa (Carinthian Pride Parade)

As I mentioned in the introduction to the exhibition Prvinsko (Primal), this co-production or it would be more correct to say, this project organized by Koroška Pride supported fully from our side, due to their incapability regarding infrastructures, equipment and experience in how to handle such big events.

LBGTQ+ being an argument we support but not being one of special interest to us, we were very, very happy of being (still) able to support such initiatives.

Now, while working on integrating the associations that are part of the HABitat Slovenj Gradec, this kind of engagement in common projects, also if it seems sometimes more complex to cooperate and easier to handle on one’s own, are of essential importance.

It showed to be a fantastic cooperation that can be overall assessed as one big moment for our city and another important milestone for our HABitat. It is a step towards the acknowledgement of our HABitat as a place where we talk about things of common interest and where civil causes find their forum.

To emphasize these characteristics of the non-governmental sector is of major interest for us, as we are interested in the transformation of these and similar engaged activities of ours to a constant program, offering consultancy and an urban forum for debates and discourse to citizens, that is publicly funded.

Nevertheless, back to our, unique event, which welcomed a big crowd of people who had come from all over Slovenia. The day was marvelous, temperatures that fine, that also non-believers took part in the colorful event that offered not only the exhibition, but poetry, stories, music and many, many good talks.

Thank you Koroška Pride, we enjoyed cooperating very much, we support you and are sure, this was just a beginning of a wonderful common story.