3×3 gallery

This gallery, a field of three-square meters, perfectly viewable from one of the three main entry roads to the city, could be realized, thanks to the adaption we foresaw for the project Koroška demokratična postaja, our pilot on non-formal political education, which was to start on January 1, 2021.

Admittedly we used it once already in December 2020, for the last of our Živela Ustvarjalnost! (Long live creativity!) series; a last attempt to get our voice heard or better to say in our case, seen. As it was since September, we were forbidden to work with the public.

This gallery, a genius move for the location of the HABitat Slovenj Gradec, would become our possibility to speak to the people consequently, stimulate their sense of belonging, provoking their minds participate. Conceived to be able to be informative during and for the Urban Forum in special, it will host, in accordance to the beliefs of our association not only information, but also inspiration in form of artistic interventions.

A public space, meant to be used for civic matters and intellectual invitations to the community. – An additional exhibition space in town.

In mid-2021 we managed to put a sensor-led lighting on, now people can see us 24/7!