Active way to school (Aktivna pot v šoli) – sustainable mobility action

This idea was marvelous and it worked. Vlado Jarh-Nikolič from Zavod Ekopren, our good friend and activist in regards of sustainable mobility did come up with a fantastic idea and a gadget, which made this possible.

An interactive counter, mounted on the pupils bikes, scooters or roller-blades would count each and every arrival at school. In that way, single individuals could contest together as well as entire classes. During the entire school year the data would be count, observations can and should improve security on main-school ways and the youngsters came, however, actively to school. Good idea, nice gimmick, that works very well and five primary schools that participated, from the second to the ninth grade. A good way to get a, for everyone useful habit, is it not?

Next to the this years “FootBus“, the “Kolesarske rajže” or the lottery for city bikers “In the city – by bike!” this were all activities of activism and at the same time sorts of workshop and talks, we spread different ideas and information on ecology and mobility – in parts scary data.