aktualno na TVSG (weekly news) – 45 TV broadcasts

This news show, the beginning and, part of a larger one, TV SG and the idea to settle fundaments for Slovenian Carinthia to grow their own identity, and therefore part of our program “Kultura Informiranje“.

The show was broadcasted on TV SG, on Koroška Televizija Dravograd as well as on the cities TV channel of Ravne and Črna na Koroškem (similar to the former TV SG mostly used to broadcast the municipality councils).

It was partly funded by the municipality, as they wanted to broadcast their news to their citizens, the production was Rok Poprasks duty, a personnel already part of TV SG before Urška Čerče and raum AU stepped in.

During the 56 weekly news shows, some of them were extraordinary, related to special events, the people of Slovenj Gradec started to get involved a little bit further than just through the usual talks and rumors, for real. As the channel was mainly politically owned, even when not on paper, it was easy for the establishment to silence us on this occasion, much more because there were some clientelistic games going on, we were not part of.

Urška Čerče set a real mark with her work here and even while at the moment things are quite conform with political views and players, we could see over this one year of authentic, critical news, that things can change! – Thanks to all involved!