Alenka Seničar – Živela Ustvarjalnost! (Long Live Creativity!)

This exhibition, as well part “Živela Ustvarjalnost”(Long Live Creativity!) – program, is, after Jože Aberšek ABA and Franc Denovnik and Primož Juvan the fourth amateur exposing her pass-time. It was so far interesting as we were talking about different tradition and culture and the various ways on how to work wool. However, not to lean too far out of the window and to talk about things, we have no insights, we can lean on Marko Košans text, in Slovene however, he authored for Alenka in occasion.

This exhibition, as the three other Živela Ustvarjalnost! exhibitions was vividly visited, as were the workshops. Seen the fact, that Alenka did prepare a workshop as well, on the curious art of how to make a lead glass mosaic.