Aleš Gangl – Živela Ustvarjalnost! (Long Live Creativity!)

This exhibition, the sixth and last one in 2019 regarding our “Živela Ustvarjalnost”(Long Live Creativity!) – program after Jože Aberšek ABA, Franc Denovnik, Primož Juvan, Alenka Seničar, were merely classical creative disciplines. Elijah Hlastan presented already a totally unexpected field of creativity, within programming machines. Finally but however not last, a musician that obviously did not necessarily expose his albums and stage-performances only, but, as he is an academic philosopher, puts lots of meaning in the words of his various creations he performs mostly himself. Aleš Gangl, many of the citizens of our town know due to his pro-active and supportive personality, which finds its way in small cities like ours and because he simply is, very, very active in what he does.

This exhibition of his work however, did possibly for the first time point out the entire opus of this young, engaged philosopher, friend of raum AU since almost its beginnings.

We always enjoy working with Aleš Gangl, which whom we have been collaborating on a regular basis since years. Congrats Aleš, we are convinced, we did a good work here together. Looking forward to the workshop!

Find here the Press release in Slovenian and the accompanying text to the exhibition in Slovenian, the later authored by Aleš Gangl, explaining his work.