Aljaž Kitak – Živela Ustvarjalnost! (Long Live Creativity!)

After Živela Ustvarjalnost! (Long live Creativity!) second season started, optimistically with Marko Marin, Matija Triglav and Mojca Kamnik, the COVID restrictions came along and we had to switch somehow to virtual, to online, to a way we could express and put on show, but still keep distance.

Most organizations were doing things through video-conferencing, in our region there were not lots of cultural programs anywhere during the major part of 2020.

We had Aljaž Kitak in mind, an economist with a university degree, a passionate reader and beginner writer, and more and more. We may work in future with him on different projects; maybe he will be even more involved in raum AU as he nevertheless is at this point. Now, we had to study on how to put him out there, without breaking any of the many, many rules that had to be followed. Not to forget, that in Slovenia there is no tolerance, but immediate fines! This, however, could not stop us.

We had a former participant of our European Creative Camp 016, long time sympathizer of raum AU and a friend to most us, the marvelous young and energetic Urša Halilovič.

Aljaž and she have known each other and Aljaž convinced her, that he needed a partner for this, his first exhibition, some visualization of his written words … (here the entire text)

It was Urša, that somehow, intrigued by Aljaž’s idea and text, created a wonderful square format painting.

Now we could use the 3×3 gallery to hang it, before our project “Koroška Demokratična Postaja” would start, as the outside board is actually meant for it.

An online, livestream opening on December 1, was filmed outside, but obligated to be finished inside the raum AU. The result of this endeavor: the participation was surprisingly high, the text itself was quite read, and even though we did not manage to publish it anywhere else – the first project on our outside gallery space showed to be a success. The visual, dominating one of the entrance roads to the city worked wonderful – although not yet illuminated.