Aljaž Kitak

Education: international relations and international economics (University of Ljubljana)
Experienced in journalism/editing, copy-writing, PR and marketing, event management, youth sector work
Interested in socio-economic inquiries into the modern society, anthropology and (social) psychology of consumerism, art as a means of social and political change
Born in Celje, Slovenia; currently residing in Slovenj Gradec
Speaking Slovenian, English, Croatian and German.


+386 (0)40 471 157

Who am I?
First and foremost, I am a concerned citizen, trying to incorporate my views of society into the professional and activist work I do. I am a firm believer in leading by example and investing one’s focus in activities, that further humanity’s transition into a more inclusive, open and just society.
Regarding the human condition, my main points of concern are capitalist alienation, radical materialism, systemic proneness to crises, as well as the disappearance of community, sometimes rendering the political struggles for (positive) social change in vain.
My personal aim in life is to combat these anti-social phenomena, unfolding in the modern society, by multi-disciplinary work in politics, art and humanities. I am convinced about the absolute necessity of stearing humanity away from consumerism, which is – nomen est omen – consuming our present, as well as the future.

What do I do?
Most of my professional career, I have been involved in different types of writing (e.g., journalistic articles, essays, copy, PR texts, etc.). Being exceptionally fluent in English, I have also gained a lot of experience in translation and, more recently, language education.
From 2018 to 2020, I was an English teacher in Tokyo, Japan, after leaving my post as a PR representative of a political party in the Slovenian parliament. Before that, I worked in the private sector, the Protocol of the RS, a local newspaper, etc.
Throughout my professional career, I have remained socially and politically active, often expressing my humanistic worldview by participating in socially responsible projects. In the future, I intend to carry on raising awareness about what I believe to be the most pressing issues of our time.