Anastazija Pirnat – Tekstura izbrisa (Texture of Erasement)

Anastazija Pirnat, which already was supported by us by an atelier, as initially we rented an additional room in the later to become HABitat Slovenj Gradec, just finishing her studies at the Academy of fine arts and design in Ljubljana, was ready for her first solo-show.

In addition, it was nowhere, not nearly financed; we, the members and friends of raum AU did with great pleasure host her. Anastazija fits the scheme of AU we try to present constantly and in all his forms and formats, and although her specific work is not that much AU as it concerns about art pour art to a certain extent. Anastazija is incredibly sensitive to matters surrounding her, what shall manifest itself also in the engagement she put in Koroška Pride, the first LGBQT rights organization in our region that would be established in 2020 and that moved in the exact same room, Anastazija erased her traces some time earlier.

Back to the textures of erasement, which were on show, a great part of them prepared during the time Anastazija’s time in our temporary guest studio. We are talking mostly about big format canvases, which itself were already a challenge for our little raum AU. We were worried, theoretically, but in practice, everything looked great.

Many people attended the opening, as Anastazija is a kid of our town; people of almost all generations came satisfying their curiosity.

After some words about Anastazija, about the idea behind the work, which by the way was also very nicely formulated in a text she prepared for everyone to read (in Slovene) and to take home. Talks spread from personal to professional, finding contemporary issues on their ways – a pleasuring blend of contemporaneity.

Within raum AU we enjoyed the evening very much, as the feedback generally was relatively vivid and guest were people seldom seen in our spaces, we believe, we did do our part in pushing some sensitive young and promising artist of our town to be talked about. Thank you Anastazija!