Talk with the major Andrej Čas

After the very well perceived public talk we held in November 2012 at our POSTAJA raum AU, in which we addressed the “Peace messenger city – laurels or starting point? and the, via TV SG broadcasted talk with Prof. Karel Pečko, we had to hear the head of our municipality, the mayor Andrej Čas.

Many ideas were put out during the last month and no clear answer was found to the question about the role of Slovenj Gradec as the Peace Messenger City. We wanted however, to hear the officials reactions to all spoken and discussed as well as hearing which proposals could be interesting to continue to focus on.

The talk with Andrej Čas was of quite rapid nature, we recorded approximated 15 minutes, which on the one hand left enough space to comment, but on the other hand did transport the idea, that Slovenj Gradec does not care that much about all that Peace Messenger thing, a pity ….

We have to add, Urška Čerče lead marvelous, precise and concrete, like it should be; therefore, this talk is also worth watching.