Umetnost kot družbeni angažma (Art as social engagement)

This exhibition, curated by Rado Carlo Poggi, putting in the center of attention the social engagement through arts was put together from our collection that focuses mainly on social aesthetics in the sense of the last Manifest Arte Utile.

On occasion of the day of change, what did in this year, due to the pandemic, become a week of change, we contributed with this exhibition. As we confront ourselves with a moment where one makes a change, tries to provoke some change or tries maybe simply to understand how changes happen, this exhibition with examples and documents of past engage art practices would for sure offer enough inspiration to think ahead.

The entire week of activities was this year however coordinated. Usually this coordination did not happen, but as we started to coordinate our activities with all the other players in town for some time now, it seems to stick, that coordination of activities is better than just doing.

In that sense it may be said, that we can talk about an exemplary cooperation between us, the Ekološko društvo Slovenj Gradec, the educational center MOCIS, Slovenska Filantropija and the multigenerational center Andeški hram. The city administration of Slovenj Gradec also fully engaged this time, so that we would at the end of this period become a “volunteering friendly” city.

In raum AU we are not sure on how to access this fact, as we are not very much convinced of volunteering, but rather we have to volunteer, as no one does pay for such essential and important work. – A discussion that should be held probably on a much broader base.

Artists involved were: FLATZ, Pino Poggi, Klaus Staeck, Batuz, Anna Oppermann, Vesna Bukovec, Metka Zupanič, Viktor Bernik, Jasha, Mukul Deora, Timm Ulrichs, Mojca Kamnik, Jean Toche and Ivana Spinelli.