Art goes City: Costantino Ciervo (exhibition catalog)

In addition, this second paper-catalog, printed as cost-free edition to accompany the exhibition in the historic city center of the International Peace-Messenger City Slovenj Gradec.

The idea, obviously, to reach as many people as possible, convinced with its results already throughout the first edition in 2010. This second edition, again focusing on an issue of general importance when assessing the credibility of information, seemed once more, an argument citizens of a Peace Messenger City should be acquainted with.

The second important aspect of this project is the cultural-political text, authored by Aleš Gangl and Rado Poggi, that explained the ideas and visions that brought raum AU in existence and what role and offer the association wanted to institutionalize.

Under this aspect many thanks to Janja Krajnc for her love to the detail, Jure Praper for putting together the paper-catalog, Aleš Gangl for his cooperation in authoring the text about raum AU and Rado Carlo Poggi for his relentless persistence and visions.

The second edition, even when obtaining marvelous feedback, reaching different corners of the European Union, stood under the sign of hard labor, just finished and the fact, that the new cultural center did not bear a heating system, a fact that considerably handicapped raum AU’s options.

However, thanks to Costantino Ciervo and Manuela Lintl, thanks to Matthias Reichelt for introducing us to both of them, thanks Wikileaks Slovenija and thanks the team that once more, under difficult circumstances, did not stop believing …

If you are interested in the exhibition itself, go and read our post: Art goes City: Costantino Ciervo.

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