Art goes City: Costantino Ciervo

This second edition of the long-term program “Art goes City” stimulated again, a confrontation with some actual themes. As we live in a daily flood of information and pictures, we tend to interpret in one way or another, and we seem to choose more and more the fast way of interpretation, the one where you repeat the heard and say, the repeatedly seen concepts of the main medias, mostly TV.

Costantino Ciervo, the very conceptually working Berlin-based Italian artist, did present us with different realities, with aspects of realities that discredit their value in one occasion while praising its worthiness in another. Here and there, he also surprised with his compositions of picture and information, revealing a reality not revealed to the general public. His works face us therefore with a difficulty that we could, as a society, easily overcome in times of internet, where pro-active checking the value of information is very well possible. Under this aspect, also the cooperation with Wikileaks Slovenia, which we gave half a page within the paper catalog, has to be seen. It can be believed, that raum AU is convinced, that if people would inform themselves properly, certain things could never happen.

In one phrase, also this time we focused on an argument we believe important in general for creating the fundaments of a peaceful cohabitation in the world.

The fact, that this edition was held in a colder period of the year did not minor its impact, although the relative attention seemed to be less, the absolute numbers of feedback that reached us exceeded last year’s figures.

We however felt still in need to explain our ideas on what should be the role of the new POSTAJA RAUM AU within our community, as we felt this question not cleared.

Therefore and to get people better acquainted with the new POSTAJA RAUM AU, we decided to open this edition there, having in that way also additional possibilities to show more works of Costantino Ciervo.

It was also the reason for an additional text within the paper catalog “Art goes City: Costantino Ciervo”, that was offered this year to the visitors of the city center free. Besides information about the artist, the artists’ possible intentions as well as the impulses the curators offered with their specific selection of exposes for this exhibition, the associations’ new spaces should get special attention. A text, written in co-authorship by Aleš Gangl and Rado Carlo Poggi addressed directly the citizens of Slovenj Gradec, explaining and inviting to join raum AU.

Once more Janja Bartelj, made things, thanks to her love for details, easy and Jure Praper took care about designing the paper catalog,

Special thanks to Matthias Reichelt who, as friend, is involved in Art goes City since the very beginning and thanks to whom we could, after showing Jean Toche, this time realize this wonderful edition with Costantino Ciervo. Thank also to Manuela Lintl, with whom communication was a pleasure and made the entire production much more easy.

For further information read the English press release, dated November 11, 2011.

Costantino Ciervo’s official website::

We did the second and usually most difficult edition of any long-term project, or one that would like to become one. We once more gained feedback from other European countries, the national media broadcasted us and visitors did not spare reactions.

Didactically this project should be one of the centerpieces and standards in any peace-messenger city, when a city want to be peace-messenger, its citizen have to be used to treat certain arguments, don*t they? – More effort, colder times, Christmas-crowds, and still … quite a show!