Art goes City: Ivana Spinelli (exhibition catalog)

The catalog, once more for free and with reproductions of the artworks in display as well as some general text by Rado Carlo Poggi on the curatorial concept of the exhibition and some invitation to observe things connected with this exhibitions is bilingual, Slovene and German.

An interview with Ivana Spinelli, made by Luciano Marucci, published for the first time in Italian language in December 2009 in the art magazine “Juliet” enlightens the reader on the original thoughts of Ivana Spinelli while conceiving and realizing her “Global Sisters”, the series of work, which was in fact the center of this Art goes City edition.

Thanks to Alja Tomis, that time still Alja Günther, for translating all these texts into Slovene and many thanks to Jure Praper, who is in many projects our lay-outer, taking care of all the steps in between the finished texts and digital imagery until the printed catalog comes from the typography.

Ivana Spinelli’s official website::

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