Art goes City: Jean Toche (exhibition catalog)

This publication, an exhibition catalog to every extent, was conceived, designed and published in form of a daily paper very similar to the paper of the region. Although it is a catalogue with merely eight pages, it comprises a general text on the exhibition, the concept and all the experiments we tried while bringing Art into the City. A second text does very well explain the live and work of Jean Toche, Once more thanks to our friend Matthias Reichelt from Berlin and to Manuela Gandini for cooperating so constructively, when help was needed.

Many thanks to all the media that were very much interested in the “guerilla attack on the peace-messenger city”, as we provocatively headlined our press-releases. We got feedback from many European countries on this exhibition. We ourselves were very satisfied with this experiment and the participating shop-owners from the city-center were generally very cooperative.

As Jean Toche is an artist, that somehow in the very roots neglects markets and in the center of his very work can be found constant pointing out of misbehavior and inacceptable situations, it is no wonder that most probably this publication was the first in Slovenian language.

This artist, unfortunately as many artists with a high sensitivity for matters of social importance, is not a person for everybody to know. His visual and textual irritations, by the way all free of any copyright and with a sticker on their back, inviting anyone to reproduce, use and freely distribute them, are very direct, not hiding behind any political correctness, a real pleasure to read, especially in our hypocritical times.

The catalog can be viewed in pdf-version on the NO! internet page.

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