AU Environment “Europa, Deukalion & Phyrra”

This project, the first of three projects we should realize in this year, together with the Koroška Galerija Likovnih Umetnosti (KGLU) and another AU Environment from the large collection of concepts from the AU estate that should be realized.

As usual, the part of raum AU was the pragmatic organization and coordination of partners to get everything to everybody’s satisfaction. It seems we understand to handle this complex coordination business very well and as our results show, it makes sense to involve as many persons as possible.

In this project, we were able to involve the art class of the Gimnazija Ravne under the mentorship of Benjamin Kumprej. We needed helping hands in drawing the flags of all member states of the EU on stones, the perfect task for a class of pupils. Thanks! Then it was time to physically bring all the materials into the exhibition spaces and as quite some citizens spontaneously helped us, already the installation of the AU Environment had its climax.

This exhibition was part of the cultural program of Slovenj Gradec at the European Capital of Culture MARIBOR 2012 and it confirmed that independent cultural institutions like raum AU are a very welcome and bring additional value to the regions cultural production.

The opening, another occasion to put on scene some critical AU theatre, was not left unused. We presented a monologue named “Freiheit – Svoboda – Liberà”, written in 1974, translated in Slovenian by Jernej Kožar, read by Sergej Dolenc and accompanied by Iztok Hirtl on the guitar and Bejamin Pirnat on the contrabass.

The show was curated by the custodian of the Pino Poggi estate within the collection of the KGLU, Jernej Kožar. On occasion of the exhibition a short catalogue was published, which was available free.

The wall paintings, made by Pino Poggi in occasion of this exhibition, were scraped of the wall and Pino Poggi made 28 artists-books out of them, today in his AU estate, handled by the association.

A wonderful evening, the participation of Arte Utile at the European Capital of Culture MARIBOR 2012, therefore another good effort for our AU estate as well as for the associations renown.

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Bravo, thanks and more projects like this!