What we do for the AU estate

Since 2019, the institution raum AU takes care about all ARTE UTILE (AU) of Pino Poggi, that is not in possession of the Koroška Galerija Likovnih Umetnosti (KGLU); placed in other museums around the world or in public or private collections. In 2000 Pino Poggi donated the major part, especially the big pieces of his ouvre. In Pino Poggi’s Vita important gallery, the Museum of Social Aesthetics is still in development a wish that became a condition within the donation. In this regards raum AU since its foundation in 2009 and Rado Carlo Poggi (even before that date) are collaborating very closely in all concerns of ARTE UTILE. The logical consequence became to hand over the remaining part of the ouvre and all the written and photographic documentation to this institution, led by his son.
The perspectives are quite prosperous, especially since artist colleagues like Tania Bruguera revived the ideas of ARTE UTILE in 2013 at the VanAbbeMuseum, this kind of aesthetic has been shown in the most renowned exhibition houses throughout the world. Further information here

However, in regards of the AU estate, raum AU does preserve, document, exhibit, assist in exhibition projects and deals with AU artworks,

Contact us if you are interested in AU!

Any question, idea, project that can, should or would like to involve AU of Pino Poggi, can refer to us. 

In 2018, we started to digitize the entire up to this date existing opus and started to put it on display within arte-utile.net.
This, for everyone available pool of information is our invitation to all of you, take a look, get an impulse and use, adapt and develop further Arte Utile.

Activities and projects we implemented since our existence are listed here.