AZIONE UTILE: javni prevoz – mobilnost prihodnosti!? – exhibition Dom starostnikov Slovenj Gradec

This exhibition of the creative visual artworks pointing out the subjective results of the single utilists of this AZIONE UTILE, the first one using the Arte Utile (AU) – process, as a proper method, was the second one, after the prime exhibition in raum AU

We expected a risen interest in the event, as it was held in the home for elderly people and during the hot-phase of the local election campaign for the upcoming elections of the mayor to come. PUBLIC TRANSPORT was the argument of the day and obviously, the discussion went in promising statements of the expected, maybe mayors of tomorrow.

The event itself, enriched also by some cultural program of the residents, was a quite inspiring event, as discussions were nothing short of criticism and strong, clear words.

Memorable as event, also due to the fact, that at this day the project initiative “mobilc” of our Mestna Občina Slovenj Gradec was born, that took care about the needs of mobility of our elderly. 

The next exhibition, at our friends at PUM-o Slovenj Gradec, is waiting however. Good experience so far!