AZIONE UTILE: javni prevoz – mobilnost prihodnosti!? – exhibition Gimnazija Slovenj Gradec

This exhibition, presenting the results of the Arte Utile (AU) – process, on the idea of PUBLIC TRANSPORT as the only mobility for the future, held in September 2018 in Slovenj Gradec and now for the fourth time on display within a short time-span.

Within 6 weeks we did five entire days of interventions during the first week in the city center and after a week of creative work in raum AU, we re-animated on the basis of the 5 days of intervention, 4 weeks with 4 exhibitions and 4 moderated discussions were held, what could we expect?

It was no surprise, that we enjoyed the opening; it was a kind of celebration as we worked very close together during the last weeks. David Repnik and Jaka Jeram were the two people, also seen in several of the other pictures around this event, who always anew surprise us. To all the others, come on..!!

However, the argument of mobility was touched and allow me to say that the younger ones are the people we should listen to. There is no doubt, their understanding of the general picture lacks details, but instinctively, they are far more innovative, sustainable and human, than many of the contemporary stakeholders. – And they have really everything to lose!