AZIONE UTILE: javni prevoz – mobilnost prihodnosti!? – prime exhibition

After some intense weeks of preparations, actions, discussions, evaluations and individual, creative visual artworks pointing out the subjective results of the single utilists of this AZIONE UTILE, the first one using the Arte Utile (AU) – process, as a proper method.

The exhibition, as most of our activities are inspired by the thoughts of hands-on-learning or nonformal education, as it is called these days. Therefore obviously everything up to the hanging of our works was done within the group of utilists, a solid grown group at this point.

It was a quite comfortable day, the expectations were high, we expected, as usually, much more people as they came in occasion of the prime opening at our raum AU, but the talks, the discussions that were built on the works in display, were amazing. 

As we expected in some days’ time the next opening with structured debate, this time at the Dom starostnikov Slovenj Gradec, we intensely evaluated our first exhibition and the possibilities to make the event itself even more lucrative in mind-opening terms spoken.