AZIONE UTILE: javni prevoz – mobilnost prihodnosti!? – exhibition PUM-o Slovenj Gradec

In occasion of the upcoming local elections, the local on the support of the city administration depending institutions, use the moment to present their achievements and their goals for the next years to come. Therefore, it was done at our partner’s organization PUM-o Slovenj Gradec. A program, supporting young people with difficulties in the learning process to get their education done, to integrate in everyday life and to reach an employment. They are doing great work, our compliments at this point!

With all the potential candidates’ once more present, this exhibition of the artworks of the single utilists of this AZIONE UTILE inspired the talk, also on this occasion. Although we moved away from public transport and found ourselves discussing more issues of mobility. It was for the second time that the “mobilc”, the concept / the idea for a free transport for the elder people of Slovenj Gradec, found its audience. Emphasized within the media reports of our events, the mobilc started to become an integrated part of election promises.

There were two more exhibitions, two more discussion to go and somehow it felt like, three exhibitions were enough. The discussion did not move any longer, the discovery was made; it shall be the “mobilc” for this time.