AZIONE UTILE: javni prevoz – mobilnost prihodnosti!? (public transport – mobility of the future?)

This project, resulted from the endeavors to develop a contemporary, involving methodology of communication based on the Arte Utile (AU) – process, an artistic practice invented and systemized by Pino Poggi during his artistic interventions during the mid-1970.

Parking day, in the middle of the European Mobility Week, everybody is speaking about electrical vehicles, pushing them as the messiah, we would wait for, but wherefrom all that electricity, we thought?!? – PUBLIC TRANSPORT that is what we should contribute!

Impulse giving in matters of mobility, as it is, what he engages himself constantly, Vlado Nikolič and his Zavod Ekopren as well as Drušvto Varno aktivnih poti. As we wanted, though, to involve the most possible specter of people and as the action was to be held in the semi-pedestrian zone of our city center, we thought about additional partners.

We asked our long term partners Gimnazija Slovenj Gradec and MOCIS, respective the group PUM-o, as well as the Mladinski Svet Slovenj Gradec to become part of this AZIONE UTILE, first extensive project, trying out group dynamics and create a common communication project.

As it should become clear later, another very exciting, productive and involving activity. All the artistic results in the gallery below.

Financially the project was mainly based on volunteering and thanks to our experience also supported by both our educational partners, sending their support in form of enthusiastic youngsters, making the project vivid and fresh for all involved. Financially the local administration and the funds from the Mladinski Svet Slovenj Gradec could be gained to cover at least parts of the material costs and five exhibition openings with open discussions about the issue at hand, public transport, were able to satisfy all invested energy. Not to mention the, during one of that discussions, during the local mayor elections by one of the candidates promised and later on realized transportation service for our elderly.

The exhibitions were held at the raum AU, at the Dom starostnikov (home for elderly) Slovenj Gradec, in our Gimnazija Slovenj Gradec as well as at the spaces of PUM-o Slovenj Gradec, but also and extended over the next few month in Dravograd at the Mladinski Center.

However, a kind of project that constructs a structured dialogue and involvement towards a thematic, worth to be taken seriously.