Bolšji sejem (Flea-Market) 2020 – the only one in Carinthia

As we wrote in the first post about the flea market, the Bolšji Sejem Slovenj Gradec, this institution is something that has been on the bucket list of raum AU since always. 2019 should see merely one edition, held in August, just before things had to be shut down again due to the COVID-19 virus and the restriction that were put in place all over the nation, all over Europe actually.

As the first edition was marvelous and frequented very well, we were optimistic. The core crew stood by and everyone was happy, as we started in June and majorly thought that lock-downs and other restrictions were over.

It shall once more not be the year that our Bolšji Sejem, would establish itself as a city standard, as we succeeded in realizing only three editions, before we had to cancel all work with public again, due to another lock-down, which lasted over new year, all into 2021. Not easy for us as an association.

However, it was still us, the NGO’s, that operate in the HABitat Slovenj Gradec who took care of everything.