Bolšji sejem (Flea-Market) 2021 – the only one in Carinthia

This is the third year of the flea market of our town and region. Unfortunately, in 2019 we had to stop soon due to the pandemic. The same happened in 2020 as we firstly thought to be through everything and then got in an even worse situation than the year before. In this year, for most of the year and still, there is a sword of Damocles on our activities in general, as lots of them had to be virtualized. In a special way again on this tiresome endeavor to educate to re-use and recycle, that in 2019 already started to flourish, but then was interrupted once more, then started again and so on. I want to say, that our desire that this flea market would be run by others than us, for now has not been achieved. We insist however because we know that a flea market in an urban area, especially in our times of consuming and wasting, is not only a market and place to meet, talk and exchange curiosities, but this flea-market is a culture of respect for things, of recycling and re-use. All of which are contemporary essentials in everyday life.

We hope that in this year we will achieve some regularity in the execution of this flea market, as we have so many other projects. It would be lovely that this project would run by its own or by the neighboring društvo NAPREJ, who, since two years straight have a Center Ponovne Uporabe (Center of Re-Use) in our areal and did not once take part in one of the flea markets. A non-understood enigma, that no one on the areal were able to answer to or were answered by the however every-day present workers that work behind closed doors.

However, every first Sunday, at the backyard of the HABitat Slovenj Gradec, for youngsters up to 14 years for free, otherwise with a voluntary contribution of 5 € per stand… welcome from 8 to 12 a.m.

Organizations that are, next to raum AU, part of this initiative are, by name: Dnevna Soba Studio, Društvo glasbene spektakularnosti, Društvo NAPREJ, Kulturno Društvo Slovenj Gradec, Mladinsko Alternativno Društvo MAD, Društvo Vezisti, Ekološko društvo Slovenj Gradec, Spajz, Društvo Skate Park Slovenj Gradec, Mladinski Svet Slovenj Gradec and Koroška Pride, supported by the public institution Spotur Slovenj Gradec and newly also by our city administration.