Bolšji sejem (Flea-Market) 2019 – the only one in Carinthia

his first flea market in Slovenj Gradec (Bolšji Sejem Slovenj Gradec) is a long desired, never realized project of raum AU since its foundation.
One reason being, that all people involved in raum AU’s beginning are convinced visitors of flea-markets and we see this activity also as a matter of a sustainable, urban lifestyle.

It all became possible due to the HABitat Slovenj Gradec; the common infrastructures (offices, ateliers, workshops, a raum AU hosting an art gallery and small event location, etc), we could make use of. We, the non-governmental organizations of Slovenj Gradec (at least the most active ones at this moment in time) and this flea-market being an immediate consequence of this newly found arrangement that we promised would enrich our community at once,- et voila!

The name itself, although since the beginning of talks in 2017 in use, should become official only two years later, as it was firstly named that way in the local cultural program of Slovenj Gradec 2021-2024, – another bravo to all Arte Utilists of raum AU.

The first pioneer of non governmental organizations that in august 2019 started this institution of a flea-market in Slovenj Gradec, which had been interrupted thought through the COVID-19 measures in act during parts of 2020 and in 2021, but continued after that, were the following: Dnevna Soba Studio, Zavod risa, Društvo glasbene spektakularnosti, Društvo NAPREJ, Kulturno Društvo Slovenj Gradec, Mladinsko Alternativno Društvo MAD, Društvo Vezisti, Ekološko društvo Slovenj Gradec, Spajz, Društvo Skate Park Slovenj Gradec, Mladinski Svet Slovenj Gradec and us. Thanks to the support of the public institution Spotur Slovenj Gradec, which is in charge of Slovenj Gradec matters of Sports and Tourism we were granted with the needed paperwork and there it was the August 11, 2019, the first flea-market of many, many to come.

Congrats, to all involved, the institute we could start is a vital element of any modern community. We are no longer able to ignore any aspect of re-use, the opposite, where possible we should support and actively practice it!!