Book presentation – Contrada Priore: Nährboden AU (1995 bis …)

Half a year of intensive work of a three-man team and 48 friends and colleagues of Pino Poggi, testify their friendship and share, mostly handwritten, anecdotes and memories they have lived together. This polyglot publication, as all authors formulate in their very own language, gives a good idea, what being European for real means. However, this would be another red-line to discuss.

The publication as such was to first honor the round anniversary of this extraordinary artist and person, called all involved to organize an adequate presentation. Moreover, while energies within complex productions almost entirely vanish moving towards their completion, this is always a difficult task.

Luckily, working with material of such vivid and pro-active artist, as Pino Poggi has always been, produces a very colorful portfolio of possibilities.

Involving creative individuals of the region and mostly somehow part of raum AU, the just one month registered association; this would be the second official appearance of raum AU in Slovenia.


Cooperating partners here were obviously all involved in the publication, but for its presentation, we could also enthusiast the major library of the Koroška region, the Koroška osrednja knjižnica dr. Franca Sušnika and their director Irena Oder.

Thanks to Hana Košan, Benjamin Pirnat, Iztok Hirtl, Luka Kotnik,
Marko Kovač, Janja Bartelj, Jernej Kožar, Marko Košan, Rado Carlo
Poggi and Pino Poggi for preparing, organizing, translating,
rehearsing and last but not least performing and executing this
colorful evening.

The program included protest songs and poetry, written in the late
60s and early 70s of the last century. “Genova”, “D’inverno”,
“Die Kälte” and “Sicila” were the poems presented throughout
the evening and “Citta perduta”, “Tu uomo lo sai”, “C’era
la guerra” and “Cielo, cielo, cielo” the protest-songs

This second publication of raum AU presented to the public, the
association is starting to settle, lots of work still to do and
another interesting, inspiring publication available to the