Prinesi-Odnesi-Tržnica (Bring&Take-Market)

This project, grown casually and concerned not to waste capacities, should become the continuing of the one-off action “Stare stvari – Oživitev kulture (Old Things – Stimulate Culture)”, we did to equip our new POSTAJA RAUM AU.

As we did already, during the phase of actual collecting the needed equipment to become able to function within the POSTAJA organize some exchange of things between people living in our town and we had collected much more than needed, also things we did not need but retained a pity to be thrown away, were kept at our spaces.

At the end, we had now, at once many options. With approximately 140 square meters at our hands. We could therefore easily host this program, the “Bring&Take-Market”, which does not only make sense, but did not exist even close anywhere else in our region.

Later on the local Ekološko Društvo Slovenj Gradec and the vital and open-minded Zuhra Horvat organized ecological projects in our town, thus we stopped our program, to spare our capacities for other cultural political endeavors, a city like Slovenj Gradec and the Region of Koroška would need.