Čitalnica z razstavo v raum AU (Reading room with exhibition in raum AU)

Within this format, to offer a reading room with an exhibition we give various artistic approaches, this time by artists from Rado Poggi’s private collection, space to be reflected. This first “Čitalnica z razstavo v raum AU (Reading room with an exhibition in raum AU, shows original, unique artworks of different artists befriended or else-how involved with raum AU.

Artists involved in this exhibition are Waki Zollner, FLATZ, Pino Poggi, Ivana Spinelli, the Austrian Street artist KRYOT and a patched up documentation of the project “no mas fronteras”, of Batuzs’ Société Imaginaire. Most artist within the exhibition can be researched through catalogues of the same artists laying out, therefore “Reading Room”! In this way, not only one can visit, see, and go, but also may use some of his/her time to further enter the ideas and worlds of various artists, working over the last decades within the surroundings of Arte Utile.

As raum AU is integrated always more and more in local and regional matters, becoming a meeting point for various, interested groups of people of any kind, the fluctuation of visitors increases, as the very influence of the visual impulses within raum AU is also increasing.  In this sense, this kind of offer experiences a natural acceptance by the audience.

The entire project is privately funded; we depend mostly on the good will of the contributions of our friends, members and sympathizers.