Connected – a networked media game

This was a workshop for kids and teenagers, where in three days a simple computer game was programmed. Besides the learning effect for kids, using photo-cameras and computers in a creative way, it also stimulated getting to know better their own living environment. But not only that, the game, that was the result of this workshop connected Slovenia and the Austrian region of Steiermark, as the workshop started in Hartberg, Austria, went on to Pöllau, Austria and to be concluded in August in Slovenj Gradec, Slovenija.

The first day the kids went, equipped with photo-cameras to record their environment in photo, video or audio. During the remaining two days, the collected materials were programmed into an online-memory game, where kids could be acknowledged with programming of HTML and using graphic programs.

In addition, a classical memory game was produced, that up to this day can be played at raum AU. For the idea and the realization of the workshop the experienced media-artist, CYM from the Netherlands took care of, overall a very constructive concept and a professional, fun-bringing execution! Thanks CYM, thanks Michaela Zingerle and Styrian Summer Art for introducing us and making this project possible. Thanks also to the GRENZFREI fund that made the financial aspect feasible.