Contrada Priore: Nährboden AU (1995 bis …) (Contrada Priore: Fertile Soil AU (1995 to …)

This publication is special in many ways. It is a photographic documentation of the second big-scale AU Landscape ever realized and an artwork still in evolution. Obviously, the Contrada Priore has evolved since then, but the 70th anniversary and almost 14 years of cultivating, a hectare big piece of meadow left its traces. Today the Contrada Priore is the only existing example of what Pino Poggi means in his extensive writings about landscapes, living environments and generally about perception of nature.

Another, also mentionable, particularity in this publication is that most of the authors delivered autographs. As we identified this way of manifesting their homage to Pino Poggi as the most appropriate and personal we spontaneously decided to print an anthology of letters to the jubilee.


The combination of photographic documentation personal letters to the jubilee produce a comprehensive picture of Pino Poggi and his idea of Arte Utile.

raum AU was in this special occasion the entity merely coordinating the entire project team. 

As the publication editor we could engage Helmut Schneider, art historian and longtime friend of Pino Poggi. The layout was taken care by the young German publishing-talent Tine Schmid and the Sicilian photographer Peppe Cumbo contributed the photographs we used.

raum AU invited friends and colleagues of Pino Poggi to contribute their memories and anecdotes, held contact with them, took care about the formalities and published Contrada Priore as their second publication.


If you are interested in purchasing “Contrada Priore: Nährboden AU 1995 bis …”, listed with the ISBN 978-961-92775-0-8, please contact us at startadialog[@]

Authors: Alexander Oliver, Angerer Martin, Bassin Aleksander, Brenner Kurt, Debelak Taja & Bojan, Mastnak Danica & Jože, Gašper Tone, Gerz Jochen, Glozer Laszlo, Goicochea-Estenoz Norma, Gottfried Rudolf, Grobmeier Heinz, Grüneisl Gerd, Havekost Hermann, Herzogenrath Wolf, Hoffmann Detlef, Horvat Jože, Jurak Vlado & Anka, Knapp Gottfried, Koellner Paul & Almut, Košan Marko, Kožar Jernej, Krivec-Dragan Judita, Loers Veit, Martini Anke, Neugebauer Ursula, Pečko Karel, Pietra Emilio, Poehlmann Wolfger, Reichelt Matthias, Schneckenburger Manfred, Schneider Helmut, Schütz Heinz, Staeck Klaus, Ulrichs Timm, Vaupot Viktorija & Viktor, Vibi Angelo, Wätjen Hans-Joachim, Walther Franz Erhard, Zacharias Thomas, Zanoškar Matjaž, Zlatar Milena, Zorn Elmar, Zweite Armin