Appeal to the ministry of culture to rethink strategical positions to better the working conditions for NGO’s in Slovenia.

This document, a product of a long-lasting process, going through discussions, round tables, formulating, re-writing and mainly communication within the National Network of NGO’s in Slovenia, where raum AU is the only exponent of the Koroška region, is mainly the top of the iceberg, but it resembles the status quo of what seems most pressuring to Slovenians NGO’s.

This document, sent on July 10, 2015 may have been decisive, when certain issues where discussed.

The document mainly points out three focal points:

1. To advise regional policy makers to act in questions of cultural policy more inclusive. (An issue that within raum AU was since ever an argument, hard to be heard-demand).

2. To constitute geographically balanced national advisory councils, fold and control committee and similar institutions.

3. To rise the general expenditures and to use possible, already prepared legal definitions to reach a systematical financing of NGO’s, which in their nature are in public interest and should therefore logically part of the public expenditures.

However obviously, answers were given, and they were as expected politically correct. Things however, seen from 2019, are still very much the same.

The appeal in Slovenian language can be viewed here.