Kultura Informiranja – Talk with Nika Kovač

It was May 14, another talk in the frame of our program “Kultura Informiranja“. Brave Girls, – in Slovenian, Pogumne Punce with Nika Kovač, a brave girl herself, was on the program. Brave Girls however, being also the title of a book, the anthropologist, initiator of the Slovenian MeToo campaign (#jaztudi) and director of the Institute 8. March, Nika Kovač published and presented in occasion.

Some years later, throughout Slovenia she is very well recognized as the face of young feminist activism in Slovenia?! Maybe I am exaggerating, but Nika is really a very energetic woman, interested in what is happening in her world and taking her part of the future that is, for all of us, still and always to be built.

We know each other since for some years now, as we were planning to do things together. Usually we go to Ljubljana, but finally and on occasion of the “Week of lifelong learning” (Teden vseživljenskega učenja) we managed to find a date to spread some of her enthusiasm also here in Koroška.

Thank you Nika for coming by and for sharing all the insights of the everyday life of an active citizen; active to an extent of risking being labeled an activist – a modern, awake contemporary! (We would like to believe)