DiEM talks about EUROPE

It was April 6, the 10th day for change (Dan za spremembe); traditionally organized by Slovenska filantropia as well as traditionally filled with a program of ours for our fellow citizens. It became an occasion for this informative talk, which included a presentation of the positions of DiEM25, the single segments of society that DiEM splitted/ordered their political agenda as well as how that positions fit our Weltanschauung or, and especially how do they fit in the Slovenian political framework. –

It was a very constructive talk, we all learned a lot about each other and about the limits of imagination in the contemporary world. The possibly most interesting insights were the obvious difficulties of the major part of our contemporaries to think “outside the box” as some say. To accept ideas that are thought “outside the box”. It seems to have become an almost impossible task to imagine things differently; therefore, ideas of a different world are so very much welcome. In raum AU we believe in the meaning of our actions that usually try to

tackle things differently, because we accepted, that things can and shall always be bettered – therefore…

Thanks to DiEM25 Slovenia for preparing this talk for us, please don’t remain strangers and continue to give us ideas to talk about.