Dolga noč muzejev v KGLU (Long Night of Museums at KGLU)

This Long Night of the Museums at the Koroška Galerija Likovnih Umetnosti was dedicated, for a special year of Pino Poggi, to his Arte Utile and the Museum of Social Aesthetics. Once more, we were invited to cooperate and as the artists’ oeuvre comprises almost every discipline of creative expression, we decided to put in act some AU theatre. We involved Aleksander Čaminski, a professional theatre director and his theatre-group Studio A to perform.

During his last decades Pino Poggi wrote several theatre plays, some of them, like the ones realized in 2009 are merely audible theatres, in no need of scenography or similar heavy works, but concentrated fully on the perception of the spoken word.

The evening, that otherwise saw the promotion of the, at the moment actual exhibition in the gallery, started with two audible AU theatres, one written for one voice in 1972-74 with the title “Ein Kind in der Stadt BRD” (A child in the city FRG) and a second one, written for four voices in 2009 with the title: “Was für ein Leben ist das?” (What kind of life is this?). The first one was a monolog, the second one an orchestra of voices throughout the entire public. 

We could be part of some socially vivid, involving moments also thanks to the numerous public that came to this evening. The picture above shows that time MP Matjaž Zanoškar, amateur singer, that performed in the past already some songs of Pino Poggi, having a wonderful time.