Dorotea Pospihalj

Education: MSc in Psychotherapy / degree in psychotherapeutic counselling, Master in Fashion Design

What I do: working as a psychotherapist in private practice London, UK

Interested in psychoanalysis and critical theory, thinking and developing – co-creating a social, cultural and political engagement within the communities 

Born in Croatia, currently based in London, affiliated to Slovenj Gradec, Slovenija.

Speaking English, Italian, Croatian and Slovenian

Learning German, French


+44 7397 545153‬

Who am I really…and what do I do
I grew up in an environment influenced by the intersection of medical sciences and art. My parents imparted their curiosity about the human condition, each in their own way. My journey started in Slovenia and led me to Milan, Italy, where I started my studies in design. The creative engagement and expression brought me to London, yet lacking, I was looking for other dimensions of human reality. At that point, I found psychotherapy and never left. After years of training and working with groups and individuals, I am still engaging in critical thinking about the human condition in all its complexity. 

I am currently engaged in psychoanalytic training and practice at the Centre for Freudian Analysis and Research, exploring the archaeology of the psyche of our socio-cultural dimension. I am active in creative collectives raum AU in Slovenj Gradec, Slovenia and The Anthill art collective in London, UK. 

What can I be helpful with?
Freud said; ‘there is no such thing as the psychology of an individual.’
Whatever we are struggling with on a personal level is always, already social. 
My clinical engagement is not something reserved for a few, rather it is a collective good, part of the collective unconscious. 
In practice, I can offer my expertise in working groups, organised group discussions and processes. As a facilitator, I create inclusive, creative spaces that can benefit communities and their self-organisation.

Intersectionality Politics-culture-society
Part of my discipline is critical thinking and writing on various topics that define our environment. I am focused on developing clear democratic and green guidelines, encouraging the awareness of the power we hold as a community or a collective. Through critical texts, seminars and debates, I can contribute to various communities to find their autonomy and organize their efforts co-creatively.