Drugo soočenje županskih kandidatov (Second public debate of mayoral candidates)

This second debate, after the first marathon of public election campaigning, where seven people, with not that different ideas in terms of political visions for our town, confronted themselves, had to bring a decision. In Slovenia mayors are elected by absolute majority and so it was now a poll between Ksandi Javornik and Andrej Čas.

As raum AU’s first public debate, held with 7 candidates had been ground-braking in our region, people did come once more in big numbers, in fact not everyone could find a place to sit or stand. The political debate was going to an end and for us it became clear, that it was really about a transmission or not. Andrej Čas, although in political ways more present than his rival, represented clearly the voice of the people who wanted a general change in handling business affairs of our city-municipality. Transparency, sustainability, ecology and an orientation towards worldwide trends were the ideas he transferred, was the transmission into a different way of comprehending the role and relations of a city-municipality towards their citizens, his election promised. Ksandi Javornik on the other hand, effectively not promising less than his rival candidate, but not being able to articulate himself, nothing he said convinced for good, it was so “middle-management”, that everybody thought about a puppet, trying to understand who the puppet-master was, …

…fearing the wrath of the powerful “strici iz ozadja”(uncles in the background), this picture manifested itself very much in the results, leaving only round about 150 votes making the decision in the end.

The questioning by Urška Čerče, although it made the progressive part take the win, invited first of all to cultivate a culture of information, “Kultura Informiranja”, under which program of raum AU this event also took place. The people re-thought and re-discussed their concepts, many of the voters of round one did not take part (bad losers always exist), but in the end, a choice was made! Congrats Andrej Čas!

Thanks to all associates in this project, namely Dani Vaupot, Aleš Gangl and Rado Carlo Poggi as well as from the associated TV SG, Dušan Stojanovic and Miran Smrtnik, and from Radio Laser, Andraž Gabrijelčič.