“Multicultural Future of Europe, viewed by young creatives” (ECC016 – Exhibition)

This exhibition, which marked the conclusion of our two-weeks European Creative Camp 016, produced several views of youngsters with the most different backgrounds, on how they look towards tomorrow. What they dream about, what they wish for; normally not many people are interested in their ideas, that and that it will be them taking over and ruling the world. It motivated us to do this project, to go for a publication of these ideas within the publication “Live for Tomorrow (European Creative Camp 016)” and it is the reason we wanted to invite all the people that surrounded us over the two weeks.

We prepared this exhibition; in fact, the curating itself was one of the challenges of the non-formal learning process, which has been, in this case unique, as lots of pressure lasted on all participants.

The exhibition went well, officials came, the news on local media was spread and they even put some days later an article on what we have achieved in two weeks, living and working in the middle of the Bavarian Forest!