Elijah Hlastan – Scripted Reality

This exhibition, the fifth one our cycles “Živela Ustvarjalnost”(Long Live Creativity!) – program, after Jože Aberšek ABA,  Franc Denovnik, Primož Juvan and Alenka Seničar, was about a new aesthetics, omnipresent, but not that acknowledged, visually. Interesting enough for us and our friends and curious fellow citizens. The show lasted from September 20 to October 11 and as the other creatives Elijah Hlastan would invite to a workshop about the basics of scripting reality, held within this period.

The challenge was notable; to put on show programming, to show this mechanic language, its form, syntax and ways of expressing itself, that everywhere around us dominates every modern life.

A challenge, as it is a boring aesthetic, so crude and determined in its laws, so contrary to every attribute, that may itself call human, nevertheless accepted, loved and adored. Exciting talks, majorly interesting argument. Thanks Elijah!!

(Press release in Slovene)