Pravljični Trenutki (Fairytale Moments) – 60 TV broadcasts

This intense project is on one hand part of a larger one. TV SG and the idea to settle fundaments for Slovenian Carinthia to grow their own identity, therefore part of our program “Kultura Informiranje“, but it has other focal points, as we are talking about 60 traditional Slovenian fairytales, read by Alja Tomis (formerly Alja Gunther), and just accompanied by illustrations from the book. Yes, a quite simple format, but pedagogically valuable because, as you see in the picture, it is a book that is the main-source of wonderful stories. A message to all kids out there, who were able to see the TV broadcast, that was rolled on TV SG, on Koroška Televizija Dravograd as well as on turTV (which has shut down, owing our association still money). In addition, those kids, not seeing as the others do, excluded from smartphones and TV watching could join now! From several feedbacks over the year, we know, this TV broadcast was very appreciated in the entire region. It was furthermore a cooperation with all libraries of the region who, until this day, preserve the entire series of fairytales for the children visiting them.

Thanks goes to all involved, thanks to our municipality, which supported this project with around 600 euro instead of the accorded 1000 euro. Why, … because our overall-budged was going short due to a privateer, who agreed to step in, but lamented his business-affairs were going bad, when asked about the promised funding, … ok, old story…. same ending, we did it, marvelously – thanks to all involved!!