It is since the very beginning, that nothing we did was our doing alone. When working in our field, with the convictions we carry in ourselves, the reason we do our work is to interact, to stimulate and to engage within what we understand as our living-environment. Cooperation therefore is the very base of all our endeavors. For the same extent, also when many think differently, are the supporting entities and persons, which constantly supported our work financially or by material support.

We apologize, if you have cooperated or are cooperating with us and you did not find your logotype displayed here. We probably did not have one… or we simply forgot to put in on display. Sorry! Contact and inform us about that at startadialog(@) Best you send your logotype, which can make things fast, furious and much easier.

To all our supporters, friends & partners! … “Thanks for a wonderful time with wonderful projects and challenges!!!”