Gibanje 15. oktober (October 15 Movement)

As the year 2011 was a quite turbulent one and while, in many parts of the world once more and additionally, motivated of all drama, just lived through media-pictures, special-reports and case-files of victims of the financial crisis the Occupy Movement rose.

Slovenia had their group of people engaging themselves within this noble cause, and as we are not that much in the focus of world changing events but nevertheless mean that our citizens need to be properly informed. We invited Dr. Andrej Kurnik, today Assistant Professor at the Center of Political Theory at the University of Ljubliana, who stood at the very center of the movement in Slovenia, to make light on the reasons and aims of the October 15 Movement.

Unfortunately it was very, very cold that evening and only the very engaging and interesting debate made it possible that round about 25 people had a debate lasting for more hours.

Events like this one, we could now organize on a short term and without additional funds, made it furthermore clear, that only the most conventional projects, that otherwise would never happen, make an institution like raum AU indispensable for any urban environment. 

Thanks Hanna Košan and Maša Čas, who bothered about all the details, thanks to all interested, that while resisting the cold, showed clearly that the stereotype idea of the disinterested youngster is a myth.

As raum AU we hope to become able to handle the temperature issue, we are looking for support for such an investment, but trust in your involvement, as the arguments we offer normally heat up the debates.

This project represented the first occasion we could on a short-term, without excessive planning, fundraising, etc create an additional forum for actual questions of cultural importance.

Projects like this emphasize, why every urban environment must have a raum AU.