Globalni Trendi – Koroško Oko (Global Trends – Carinthian View)

Global Trends – Carinthian View (Globalni Trendi – Koroško Oko) is a format we thought about quite early. The project itself is composed by open discussions on globally discussed trends and issues. In 2015, we already had quite interesting encounters and good discussions. In 2016 we run an all-year-long lasting series of encounters, be it with guests or without.

However, there were quite some interesting debates we could have with invited guests, we want to put on display here below. Guests came majorly on their very own costs, the budget was in parts financed through public funds from the JSKD

Debates happened on a regular monthly basis and not every encounter had a guest. Debates we could count on a expert view were the following:

  • Basic Income – Utopia or possible Reality? (guest Luka Mesec)
  • Human being and politics (guest Andraž Mali)
  • Cultural Identity (guest Prof. Pino Poggi)
  • Financing of Cultural Projects (guest Mag. Norbert Lipp)
  • What are national Identities? (guest Zsuzsanna Paloczi)

This project, even when started in a way as a program, is part of our Kultura Informiranja program…and it was here we started to form the group of interested (Skupina Zainteresirani), that should during the next years engage in some pro-active civil participation projects.