Graffiti Styria 2013

This project was born casually, even when it should be quite important for the years to come. We had the opportunity to draw on the outside walls of our new location, the POSTAJA RAUM AU, but how to finance such an endeavor?

We looked for partners in nearby Austria, that may have already worked with Graffiti and Street-Art and we found the association Future Icons and the International Graffiti Styria Festival 2011. While we did not find any 2012 edition we contacted Norbert Lipp, the chairman of the association and we met, talked and came up with the idea that brought us to this project and to many years of very close cooperation in many fields.

The Graffiti Styria was similar as the previous 2011 Festival, which was organized however without participation of raum AU, and differed in the constellation of participants.

Mentor for our edition with participants from Körmendi Kulturalis Központ, Hungary, raum AU, Slovenia and Future-Icons, Austria. We also invited many middle schools, so that at the end we had an incredible week with all participants more than satisfied. In addition, the Paris-based mentor KASHINK left a wall in Fürstenfeld, so that a potential next edition was assured besides the municipality.

Good conditions to start working in the field of Erasmus+, a field we would take on from 2014 in our regular program.

Thanks to Norbert Lipp, without his talent and knowledge we would never have started this adventure!

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