Graffiti workshop

This initiative, grown out of a pure casual situation, brought new interesting insights on the local young enthusiast scene in Slovenj Gradec. The case being, to dispose of lots of spray-cans, we did have of the former years of our International Graffiti- and Street Art-Festival Styria, as we did Erasmus+ youth exchanges with additional value.

Here however, in this short and tasty introduction in how to handle a spray can, how to draw lines, tag letters, prepare stencils and use them, it became creative very quickly.

This project had no specific aim, but to offer creativity and room to play to local and regional interested poeple. Our strategical partners here, the local schools as well as all 4 regional libraries, mainly took care about spreading the information. The rest was on us.

Thanks at this point also to Norbert Lipp, who gave us the rest of the spray-cans of our festivals, considered the price-range of such color-sprays, a lot of you may imagine, that this donation was quite decisive, when thinking about realizing the project. The Javni Sklad za kulturne dejavnosti Republike Slovenije (JSKD) did finance the workshop itself, so that we can state, costs covered, participants happy….

Thanks to all involved!