Int. Graffiti- and Street Art Festival STYRIA 2016

This, being already the fourth edition of our successful International Graffiti- and Street-Art Festival, it was held from October 14 and October 22, 2016. We were getting better and better feedback from the ordinary public as from colleagues all over Europe. Certain differences within the city of Fürstenfeld itself did however, make this edition even harder to execute than the previous ones. Nevertheless, this is just all part of organizing.
The encounter itself, once more in parts financed with the lump sums of the EU ERASMUS+ program, was incredible and fascinated everyone, I firmly believe.

This time we were joined by another German partner, KAI e.V., an association involved with school-kids in South-Germany and their Elisabeth Geschke, who brought several refugees from Syria and Afghanistan, which obviously enriched the debate round about the major argument of this year’s festival – the challenge of migration. This new entry connected us into four partner organizations, Future Icons e.V., Austria as the inviting organization and Körmendi Kulturális Központ from Hungary, the association KAI e.V. from Germany and raum AU from Slovenia.

The mentors offering their expertise were Lym Moreno (Venezuela), Gerald Baumgartner (Austria), Daan Botleg (Netherlands), the artists collective SomeDesigners (Japan, Lebanon, Ukraine, Germany and Italy) as well as SizeTwo (Austria)

Workshops in this year’s event were spraying, stencil, tagging, street posters, sound- and visual-installations in public space and interactive street art.

During all the time, unfortunately we had bad weather, which made the conditions of our work harder. We did this year for the first time not have any shelter to work at, the up to last year used “Tabaco Factory” was not available any longer and the city actually did not care. However, the mood was good, all time through…

In addition, at this point, thanks to this wonderful team of mentors, wonderful participants and also the city guys, foremost Peter Grafl …top experience!

Look yourself at our video fly-through on the raum AU youtube channel.