Int. Graffiti- and Street Art Festival STYRIA 2018

Just one week after the International Music Festival Voices 2018, we were back in Stubenberg am See with another ERASMUS+ youth exchange. 
This time with youngsters from Portugal, Latvia, Hungary, Austria and Slovenia. Hands on, on one week of StreetArt, with this years crowning idea: – Be active! Save, Act and Create! – Against a throwaway society.

The leading partners of this Festival was Future Icons e.V. (A), the partner organizations were Körmendi Kulturális Központ (HU), Associazione ENNEA (ITA), Associação BEIRA SERRA (POR), the youth center „Balgas Strops” (LAT) and raum AU (SLO). We brought in participants from all parts of Slovenia, but also ran the entire operative part of the festival and took care about bringing the right mentors. In the picture below, from left to right, Zsuzsanna Paloczi (youth worker, HU), Meta Cunder (mentor, SLO), Urška Čerče (documentation, SLO).

The attitude was set: Recycle or … be recycled! The argument itself to adapt to the idea of re-use and living this idea within the passion of being inventive and creative was majorly taken up with open arms. While sensitizing on the 17 SDG’s of the UN, and about the European Green Deal, we invited mentors, that use as prime materials exactly what is no longer needed, what usually lands in the trash.

Our mentors, shoe designer and -maker Meta Cunder and philosopher and author of lyrics and music, Aleš Gangl could not have been better chosen.

The time past by in a hurry, while collecting sounds made by waste-materials and creating new haute couture by using exclusively collar-shirts for men. The result, some unique pieces of fashion, a piece of r-EUse music and a wonderful short fly-through video, containing all of that. – Enjoy! …and thanks to all!