Int. Music Festival Voices 2017

The third edition of this Int. Music Festival Voices awaited us, motivated by the Voices 2016 edition, but also somehow obligated to step back regarding the comfort we could offer. It did present itself quite disastrous within the first hours. It was well known, participants had to camp this time and as it was mid-summer, no one was bothered. We should have been.
Starting with a 15-minutes heavy rainfall, this festival had its character, it was a wet one, from the clothes, to the desperation that came up here and there, to the tears of joy that we had while going deeper into this, no less unique encounter than any other of our Erasmus+ projects did.

This edition focused on “share and care”, pointed out to the European solidarity, needed, but felt lacking in the EU by young musicians. How could it be differently, it is always them putting down the focal points in these projects? We were joint by two new partners from North Macedonia and Italy, meaning that the official partner organization of this edition were: Future Icons, Graz (Austria), Körmendi Kulturális Központ, Körmend (Hungary), Associazone ENNEA, Fisciano (Italy), TAKSIRAT, Skopje (North Macedonia) and raum AU, Slovenj Gradec (Slovenia).

Let me say, because it is an interesting information for anybody, without experience of such a European Blend. It is just amazing what happens when you put together southern and northern European mentalities, then a portion of Balkans and you got, what is called Rock’n’Roll of its finest!

The concept did differ this time from the one we used to in the past. This time we actually tried to gather already established music groups, bands and otherwise studying musicians, offered them a wide range of instruments and possibilities as well as public performances, almost every day.

It was risky, because however non-formal we usually confront ourselves with these projects, we always keep control. This time, we had to leave them to the fact, that using mother nature as a rehearsal space, as we planned, was not possible. It rained 5 minutes and stopped the next 15, etc, etc.

No reason to worry, I can say now. This festival is probably the kind of festival the funders at the Erasmus+ program would like to see constantly. However, let me make it clear, this is not possible under usual circumstances, we were really lucky in right composition of partners; with the right portion of ambition and knowledge, they allowed themselves to grow into something more within just some days.

I am up to this day impressed when thinking back at this edition, it is this moments making our work so satisfying …share and care!!

If you are interested even further, go and look at the moving pictures documenting this event on our raum AU youtube channel. You may probably enjoy the view and maybe in parts get the atmosphere, hope so!