Int. Music Festival Voices 2018

It is already the fourth edition of this Int. Music Festival Voices awaited us, motivated by the Voices2015, Voices 2016 as well as Voices 2017; we wanted to put the attention, more than on simply making music, on the inter-cultural, inter-personal and the general social component of music.

We did have many mentors, namely DJ Elwood (dj-ing), Agatha Pisko (jazz-singing) and Murat (beatboxing) holding real and proper workshops and other performing guests, as during most evenings we had a stage in one of the cafe’s, bars or night-clubs around the lake.

The leading partner for this project was Kulturforum WEIZ, project partners came from 6 different European countries, besides Austria, namely Körmendi Kulturális Központ from Hungary, Associazione ENNEA from Italy, Associação BEIRA SERRA from Portugal, as well as the youth center „Balgas Strops” from Latvia and raum AU from Slovenia.

As usually raum AU took care of the operational part of the festival, the mentors, all good friends are probably the best mix of people to transport professional attitude towards music, when music becomes a vocation.

In the evaluation of the project, after giving out all youth passes, after archiving and collecting feedback from all participants, as we usually do, we may say that the decision to put the focal point on the event-character of music, to focus on performing for people, within people in a real context of making professionally music, was probably the best nonformal learning we could make possible, under given conditions, that we usually move in a way of an Erasmus+ youth encounter bubble, not between everyday people in everyday occasions.

We were very happy about this edition, also when all our other nonformal learning experiences were nothing less exciting, it becomes evident, that making evaluations, thinking always with the head into innovation is the right way to go.

Look at the, short but colorful fly-through video of this project on our youtube-channel. Thanks to DJ Elwood for the beats for the visuals.

Thanks to all involved!! Wonderful experience.