Art goes City: Ivana Spinelli

This edition is already the third one, it once more presents a socially critical artists, that points out the phenomenon of stereotypes, shaping our everyday perception, offering shelter to the once not finding their very own identity, leaning on a common one, on stereotypes, made by the media, a phenomenon, that creeps unconsciously into general perception. While confronting us with known poses and always repeating burkas and bomb-belts, it creates a restless mood in the viewer.

In this third edition, once more, as you will see, appreciated by the public, we treat, another interesting argument, almost not realized, but grown out of a necessity. We were working within the entire exhibition with reproductions. On one hand, this made it possible to realize such exhibitions, because the originals would suffer and damage themselves, when exposed to sunlight and changing climatic conditions. On the other hand the artistic value does not lose any value by it, on contrary, now art can really become part of every moment, every situation, that is what Art goes City is all about, to get within the living environment of society, within its urban centers, the place to meet, discuss, get inspired.

As in the other editions, also this Art goes City exhibition got its very own paper catalog, which was once more freely available for any interested person. It has shown that it makes much more sense to produce such catalogues in a more economical way. In that way, their content becomes available to a broader audience, not only to the viewers, retaining it worth to purchase the usual quite expensive catalogues.

Differing from the past editions, we could install an additional exhibition, because we disposed of a space now. In addition to the classical, Art goes City exhibition, curated like the other ones by Rado Carlo Poggi, there would be on display an additional one, still curated by the same curator, but making it possible to put on display even more materials by Ivana Spinelly. Also in other mediums, not only on paper. This extension, if we want to call it that way, made a lot of sense, as people, attracted during their routines, got curious and besides the paper they could take, even additional showpieces could be seen. This seems to be a small detail, but as the number of visitors during the one and a half month exhibition period showed, was not a minor one. In a way our idea succeeded, people became curious and people got material to satisfy their curiosity.

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Art that goes into the public is always worthwhile. In times where only educated people still dedicate time to their personal education but most people just live a more and more stereotypical life, filled with dreams suggested by the omnipresent media. We should, as a society take care about diversification of public spaces, … when Art goes City, this is guaranteed and all our experiences show, it is also very welcome.