Joga s Katjo (Joga with Katja) – 28 TV broadcasts

Even when this show was no longer part of TV SG and the idea to settle fundaments for Slovenian Carinthia to grow their own identity, it still has to be considered part of our program “Kultura Informiranje“.

We realized one entire season of weekly Yoga shows with Katja Prosenjak, a local Yoga instructor, who did this free of charge, but obviously in perspective of gathering new students. We on the other hand needed a program that would stay in the minds of our audience. Healthy lifestyle is a good thing to propagate; therefore, it is worth doing that many TV broadcasts. Especially, when considered that we stopped recording in March 2015 but the show ran until the end of summer, repeating itself; physical training is physical training, there must be repetitions, right?

The show was produced and broadcasted for turTV and was shown on Koroška Televizija Dravograd as well as on the cities TV channel of Ravne (similar to the former TV SG mostly used to broadcast the municipality councils.

It was winter and the recording was made in a studio with no heating, so all the warmest thanks and compliments to Urška Čerče who recorded and Katja Prosenjak… the conditions were difficult, but they both never surrendered! – Thanks!